Walking Onions

Walking Onions are perennial onions that are easy to grow and give pounds and pounds of food!! Every part of the plant is edible and harvest begins in early spring with scallion-like greens.

The flowering tops become heavy with bulblets and fall over allowing the bulblets to become new plants. The plants on the edge of the bed will usually fall over outside the boundary of the bed and makes it appear that the plants are "walking" out of the bed, hence the name, "Walking Onions".

They grow well in ordinary soil and at least part sun. Given rich soil and full sun, they do even better. Either way, start a patch now and you'll reap reliable harvests for years and years!

I send them out when the bulblets are ripe, late July to Early August. Planting instructions included.

Order anytime during the year to reserve your bulblets for summer shipment.

Walking Onions - Growing

Walking Onions - Cooking



Walking Onions, $15 for 20 bulblets.



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