Sourdough Starters

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These sourdough starter cultures are grown gluten-free without added yeast. They are grown in my dedicated gluten-free facility on equipment that has never touched gluten.

I have found gluten-free flours to be delicate and prone to spoilage when fermented. "Boosting" them with a fermented product kick starts the bacterial/yeast activity and prevents spoilage.

This culture is grown with organic brown rice or unsprayed teff flour. One packet will boost a minimum of 4 new batches of starter.

In my book, Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking, I suggest using up one's starter and beginning another one when you need it. This way you begin with a fresh healthy starter each time, eliminating the possibility of mold or pathogenic bacteria in your bread.

Alternately, you can preserve a small amount of boosted active starter for the next baking day by freezing which maintains freshness. Instructions included!

1 Packet   $12

Brown Rice Starter: Organic Brown rice flour, water, Gluten-Free Sourdough Company sourdough starter cultures.

Teff Starter: Unsprayed Teff flour, water, Gluten-Free Sourdough Company sourdough starter cultures.


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