Cookbooks for Healing Food

Healing Food You Can Make Yourself!!

If you have food sensitivities you know how challenging it can be to create beautiful healing food while on a restricted diet. In addition to being on a restricted diet, many of us have to carefully, and continually, rotate our food choices so we don't develop new sensitivities.

My cookbooks will teach you to:

  • make foods that are free of gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts and soy
  • make clean simple food that is nutritious and delicious
  • build layers of rich flavor into your food without going heavy on the salt, sweeteners and oil
  • avoid becoming sensitive to new foods by cooking in bulk, freezing and rotating food choices
  • build a pantry filled with homemade condiments, marinades and healthy dessert ingredients

Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking Book

Learn the techniques I developed for gluten-free sourdough bread and get the complex taste as well as added nutritional benefits.
All recipes are free of dairy, eggs, soy, commercial yeast and gums.

Paperback $35.00
PDF, $25.00
Ebook, $9.99

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Sophisticated Peasant Cookbook

A colorful array of traditionally prepared, allergen-friendly recipes and techniques. These are the recipes I created while trying to strengthen my digestive and immune systems. All recipes free of gluten, dairy, eggs, soy.

Gluten-Free, Egg-Free
Meat Loaf

English Trifle, Vegan

Print-on-Demand, $30.00 On Sale now for $25.00, includes 1 Free month on Video Course.
PDF, $20.00, includes 1 Free month on Video Course

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Lacto-Fermentation Through The Seasons

Learn my favorite technique for fermenting vegetables. No fancy equipment needed, just a good metal soup pot and canning jars.

This book includes the basics of lacto-fermented vegetables beginning with spring harvest vegetables like rhubarb and snap peas, moving into summer with cucumbers and summer squash and on into the fall with cabbage and root vegetables. Includes recipes for other less commonly fermented vegetables like swiss chard, garlic scapes and daylily buds!

Paperback, $20.00
PDF, $15.00

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Intestinal Recovery

Learn the easy traditional food prep techniques that helped me heal my digestive system!

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Print-on-Demand, $15.00
PDF, $13.00

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Highly Digestible Beans

Make your beans Highly Digestible Beans!!

Learn the techniques that yield beans with little or no digestive distress!

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Beans are tasty, full of nutrition and economical. Certain techniques reduce the distress associated with eating beans. My book combines all the techniques I've learned from seasoned cooks and brings the flatulence factor to close to zero!!
Print-on-Demand, $7.50
PDF, $5.00

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Special Offer! Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking Startup Kit

Great gift for a beginning Gluten-Free Sourdough Baker!
Kit includes:

  • Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking Book
  • New Recipes PDF
  • 2 Sourdough Starter Packets
  • 3 month Online Video Membership

4 Brothers Happily Eating Gluten-Free Sourdough Bread!

$80 includes shipping in the US (bought separately $97 plus shipping)

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Video Club

The videos in my Video Club:

  • demonstrate the techniques and recipes in the books
  • provide ongoing support as you learn these health building techniques

Video Club costs $10 a month. Discounts begin at 3 month memberships:

  • 3 months/$28
  • 6 months/$55
  • 1 year/$100

Get 1 Free Month on Video Course with the purchase of Sophisticated Peasant Cookbook!!

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