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How Gluten-Free and Fermented Foods Turned My Health Around

My name is Sharon A. Kane. I am highly sensitive to gluten, as well as to many common foods. Not wanting to give up eating bread, I discovered a way to make my own nourishing and satisfying gluten-free sourdough baked goods using only healthful, non-allergenic ingredients.

My books came about because of health problems. Following the birth of my child I developed asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis and sinusitis, intestinal problems and chronic exhaustion.

I worked my way through various conventional and alternative practitioners for six years and was finally diagnosed with systemic candida and leaky gut syndrome. I slowly recovered over the next 17 years using alternative treatments, diet change, and fermented foods.

It took many years to detoxify my body and rebuild my bodily systems. I worked extensively with my diet and slowly built exercise back into my daily routine despite lingering exhaustion. By this time I had mastered old fashioned sourdough rye bread and was making fermented foods like sauerkraut, kombucha tea, and milk and water kefir and was experiencing much improved health. The asthma, allergies and bronchitis had subsided but I still had chronic sinus infections, intestinal problems and a tendency towards fatigue.

After having food allergy tests I discovered I had strong sensitivities to a number of foods including gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. Forty eight hours after removing those foods the sinusitis and intestinal distress cleared up!

I had to give up my beloved rye bread because it contained gluten. I tried to find a commercial gluten-free bread that used whole grain flours with a minimum of high starch flours and sweeteners. Also, I did not want to use commercial yeast, or gums.

I was unable to find a satisfactory bread and realized if I was going to eat bread I would have to bake it myself. I wanted to continue making sourdough bread because of the nutritional benefits and high digestibility.

book-01There was no information available when I began experimenting with gluten-free sourdough bread so I took what I learned from my rye sourdough bread technique and began working with it using gluten-free flours. After one year of much trial and many errors I succeeded!
The Art of Gluten-Free Sourdough Baking is the result of 5 more years of experimentation and development.

book-02My other book Lacto-Fermentation Through The Seasons, is an instructional book about using old fashioned salt-brine to pickle vegetables. This is a technique that uses only salt and water without boiling or canning. The fermentation process yields a live finished product that has natural probiotics and enzymes that occur as a result of the fermentation. Eating it regularly in small amounts helps introduce probiotics into the digestive system.

If you have a vegetable garden this is my favorite method for preserving excess harvest. These pickled vegetables helped me rebuild my digestive system.

I am working on my 2nd book of gluten-free sourdough bread recipes, New Recipes. These recipes use less ingredients than some of the recipes in the first book. They also include recipes that use different combinations of flours and seeds to accommodate people with different food sensitivities. The recipes that are finished are available now in pdf form.

In 2013 I developed a genuine gluten-free sourdough bread mix. Since it is a true sourdough, the town and state boards of health required me to make them in a licensed commercial facility. I looked, unsuccessfully, for an existing facility to rent space from and ended up renting a small office suite in my town and building it out into a dedicated gluten-free and vegan commercial facility.

The town board of health and building inspectors were very helpful in helping me build it properly. It was an exciting project, one that left me breathless most of the time. During construction, I began and ended each day with 20 deep breaths. This helped me clear my head and stay as calm as possible.

It is my passion to share with you what I have learned, and my hope that my books, video course and foods will educate and help you on your own personal road to recovery and improved digestive wellness.


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